ACI Codec – Import of specific relay settings

ACI-Codec is a new solution for the fully automatic import of protective relay settings. Compared to the use of templates, no manual entries or changes of parameters are necessary.

Another decisive advantage is that no special data format is required. An ACI codec can be created for almost any readable format.

Direct reading of SEL relay settings

Not only files can be imported. Communication routines can also be included in the codec. At the suggestion and with the support of the relay manufacturer SEL, for example, an SEL codec was created with which the settings can be read directly from the relay. One mouse click is enough and testing can be started.

Creation of a codec

It is not necessary to be an absolute expert to create a codec. Basic knowledge in programming is required, but the structure of a codec is automatically generated by ARTES. The whole thing just needs to be filled with life.

If the mapping of the relay parameters is available as an Excel sheet, the necessary programme code can be created quite fast. The user can do this by himself, and KoCoS will also support his customers in creating a codec.

With the new ACI codec, an easy-to-use and very flexible interface for data import is now available. And new codecs can be integrated into ARTES anytime without having to reinstall the software.

ARTES 5 - ACI CODEC | Practical Check

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