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Spanish user interface at INDEC VD 100 vacuum inspection device

The vacuum inspection systems from KoCoS, which have been tried and tested in practice all over the world, monitor a wide variety of containers such as bottles, jars and cans for leaks in-line during the production process. Containers with insufficient vacuum are reliably detected and removed fully automatically. Highest reliability and easiest handling characterize the processor controlled inspection systems and are the first choice for many food manufacturers.

INDEC VD 100 vacuum testing systems are also increasingly used in Spain for cap inspection. In response to numerous requests by customers at this region, KoCoS decided to develop a Spanish user interface for INDEC VD 100 system and to integrate it as standard in the new firmware. This new Spanish user interface is now available for all new orders for INDEC VD 80 / VD 100 series since spring 2022. Of course, this software update can also be retrofitted in already delivered INDEC VD 100 units.

Users of the INDEC VD 100 can now simply choose their preferred language version between the four user interfaces in German, English, French and Spanish. This significantly simplifies the operation of this INDEC series. Even untrained personnel are now able to generate the relevant sensor parameters (recipes) on the INDEC VD 100. This measure also improves the safety of operation and the acceptance of the INDEC VD 100 series.

The complete commissioning and installation of INDEC VD 100 on the customer's own initiative without the support of a KoCoS technician on site in the Spanish-speaking region is facilitated. This innovation enables the end customer to save considerable installation costs.

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