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The series fault switch contact at INDEC VD 100 vacuum inspection system to stop the entire filling line

With our INDEC range of vacuum testing systems, food manufacturers can be sure that HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points) principles are being met. KoCoS vacuum inspection systems are characterised by their superior detection sensitivity and automatic separation of defective products.

Sometimes the lid feed in the capping machine is interrupted. As a result, all containers leave the capping machine without lids. This is particularly annoying because often all uncapped jars have to be disposed of with costs.

Increasingly, our customers who use an INDEC 100 vacuum testing system for cap inspection in production want to stop the filling process immediately if this error, also known as a serial error, occurs. This serial fault switch contact is now also available as a retrofit option for already delivered INDEC VD 100 vacuum testers that have already been delivered.

Once the connection has been made in accordance with wiring diagram, that stop signal is then permanently available in the customer's higher-level machine control system.

This retrofitting of the series fault switch contact on the INDEC VD 100 enables the customer to intervene immediately in the filling process and minimize the scrap of defective containers.

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