System description

System description

The METES product range boasts an extensive range of portable meter test systems of various types, all of which are developed and manufactured by KoCoS. Using these systems, meter tests can be carried out with the very highest precision.

The devices of the METES product range have been specially designed to meet the tough requirements of industrial environments and are particularly robust. They are suitable for use as on-site test instruments as well as in test centres for power supply companies, in laboratories or as test instruments for manufacturers.

The use of 32/128 bit DSP technology in conjunction with a high level of system integration made it possible to develop this range of compact but at the same time very powerful test systems. Because of their modular and compact construction, a number of portable METES systems are available, ranging from a small, portable system in a plastic carrying case up to a test set in 19" format.

METES meter test systems can be used to check the correct functioning of Ferraris meters and electronic electricity meters in 2-wire, 3-wire and 4-wire circuits and to analyse a.c. systems. They come into their own where conventional measuring instruments are unable to meet the increasing demands placed upon them, in particular when signal shape and harmonics need to be taken into consideration as well as current, voltage and power, requiring high-precision measurements across the entire frequency band. In addition to measuring meter accuracy, METES test systems are also capable of measuring the influence of system disturbances.

All METES test systems are delivered with basic software which is easy to use and includes all the major test functions, including automatic evaluation. Optional software modules containing functions for performing and evaluating special tests can be added to the systems at any time.

Thanks to the variety of functions provided by the METES test systems, their user-friendliness and the wide measuring range, they can deal successfully with even the most complex of test tasks. METES test systems thus constitute the ideal basis for accomplishing the measurement tasks associated with meter testing.

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