Compact micro-ohm meter for ohmic and inductive loads
PROMET L10 is a compact, battery-operated micro-ohm meter for ohmic and inductive loads.
The use of four-wire measuring technology and high test currents of up to 10 A enable PROMET L10 to meet the most stringent accuracy requirements when determining resistances in the μΩ to kΩ range.
Because PROMET L10 can carry out measurements on inductive loads, it can also be used to determine the winding resistances of transformers, motors and instrument transformers.
Not only does the device provide high functionality, its light weight of just 0.6 kg, rechargeable batteries and operation via Android app also make it suitable for a wide range of applications.

Light weight for one-handed operation

Thanks to its compact, ergonomic design and a light weight of just 0.6 kg, the measuring device can be held and operated with just one hand. This provides improved safety, especially on ladders or working platforms, as one hand always remains free for holding on.

Easy to use

The ergonomic arrangement of the keys makes for optimum handling. Because of the intuitive operation, measurements can be carried out quickly and easily, without the need for lengthy training.

Graphical display and acoustic signalling

Acoustic signals and a graphical display which is even easy to read in direct sunlight always give a precise overview of the action in progress.

Battery operation for up to 8 hours

PROMET L10 is supplied with power by means of integrated rechargeable batteries which provide continuous operation for up to 8 hours and approx. 100 measurements with 10 A at 100 μΩ. Battery operation ensures high flexibility and manoeuvrability without the bother of a mains connection.

Measurements on inductive loads

PROMET L10 has been designed for a number of applications including measuring the resistance of inductive loads up to 500 henrys, such as HV, MV and LV transformers, motors, generators, instrument transformers and cable reels, for example.

A special algorithm ensures that inductive loads are charged and discharged quickly keeping measurement times short and the resistance value stable. Charging and discharging are visualized on the display. The measuring device is also equipped with safety functions to protect against discharge arcs and dangerous induced voltages.

Measurements on ohmic loads

The use of four-wire measuring technology and high test currents of up to 10 A enable PROMET L10 to meet the most stringent accuracy requirements when determining resistances in the μΩ to kΩ range. Typical applications include measuring the contact resistance of circuit breakers or disconnectors, testing current connections such as bus bars, cables and cable harnesses and checking welded joints and earth connections.

Measurements with temperature compensation

PROMET L10 can determine resistances with temperature compensation. The temperature at the measurement point is measured using a sensor and the resistance value is calculated taking the reference temperature of 20°C into account. This means that values can be directly compared. A database with the parameters necessary for temperature compensation is saved in the device and can be extended as and when needed.

Wide measuring range

PROMET L10 can measure resistances up to 5 kΩ, inductive loads up to 500 H and transformers up to 500 MVA. Because a wide range of different applications can be covered by just one device, it is often unnecessary to purchase additional measuring devices.

Operation via Android app

When the device is operated with the Android app via Bluetooth, the user‘s smartphone or tablet becomes a practical operating and evaluation unit.

The remote control function allows measurements to be carried out without wiring, maintaining the required safety distance. The measurement data can be saved directly on the end device for condition-based maintenance, for example, sent as a PDF report by e-mail or printed out on a printer. In addition, export as a CSV file enables data to be processed in other programmes.

Scope of delivery

PROMET L10 comes complete with a full set of accessories encompassing the required measuring leads with Kelvin clamps. The measuring leads with Kelvin clamps simplify connection and prevent measuring errors.  The padded wrap-around bag allows easy and safe transport.