ARTES Automatic Relay Test Systems

ARTES Automatic Relay Test Systems

The purpose of power system protection is to use accurate and reliable protection devices to detect faults promptly and without fail and to minimize impairments to the power supply by selectively switching off faulted sections of the system.

The use of suitable protection devices can significantly improve the safety and reliability of complex electrical power systems and installations. Regular testing is the only way to ensure that these protection devices function correctly throughout their operational life.

More than 20 years of experience in developing and manufacturing automatic relay test systems have gone into creating the third generation of ARTES test instruments. Back in 1996, KoCoS was the first company to present Windowsbased testing software for controlling and operating test equipment and the company continues to play a pioneering role in the design of clearly structured and ergonomic user interfaces today.

Product overview

ARTES 460 | 560 test systems are practical solutions which can cope with just about any relay testing task.


Compact test system for three-phase tests, can be used as a universal tool for testing digital protection relays.


Compact  test system for three-phase tests with a particularly powerful current amplifier for testing digital and self-powered protection relays.