Ergonomic, simple and fast

Ergonomic, simple and fast

The integrated TJCP operator interface

The internal TJCP operator interface is a special feature. Its high-resolution 5“ touch screen with smart touch technology enables many tests to be carried out quickly and easily without having to connect an external PC.

The clear user interface guides the user intuitively to complete the task in hand. User actions carried out with the ergonomic jog wheel, such as amplitude, phase angle or frequency adjustments, are processed in real time and executed without delay. An illuminated ring integrated in the jog wheel also provides information on the current status of the system during settings and tests.

ARTES testing software

As a rule, all test tasks can be carried out using the integrated control panel. However, the ARTES PC software is a tool which can really simplify, automate and speed up tests for complex protection functions. For this purpose, the ARTES testing software provides a wide range of practical test monitors which are all included in the scope of delivery, in addition to the basic software.