Compact, precise and versatile

Compact, precise and versatile

High-accuracy amplifier and measuring units

With high-accuracy amplifiers, a wide range of measurement inputs and, last but not least, simple handling and operation, ARTES RC3 is the ideal solution for professional 3-phase relay testing.

The outputs of the 3 voltage and 3 current amplifiers are completely independent with regard to phase, amplitude and frequency and have full overload and short-circuit protection. The current amplifiers provide a maximum test current of 3 x 16 A. Parallel operation of the current outputs allows output of up to 32 A for 1-phase applications.

LEDs for status indication

The interior shows the ergonomic Control Panel with the TJCP interface and all connections for linking up to the device under test. As with all other devices in the ARTES family, the states and operating modes of the inputs and outputs of the new RC3 are indicated via numerous LEDs in the Control Panel. The user can tell at a glance which outputs are active and can easily identify the status of the binary inputs and outputs.