Power sources

Power sources

EPOS 340 - The multi-functional three-phase signal generator!

EPOS 340 is the multi-functional three-phase generator which comes into its own whenever maximum power and high signal accuracy are required.

Intelligent amplifier technology and fully synthetic signal generation make it possible to issue any signal shape across a wide frequency range or even to play back complex transient signal characteristics.

EPOS 340 is designed for use as a stand-alone device or for operation with an external PC.

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EPOS CV 821 / CV 753

Single and three-phase voltage sources

Automatically regulated AC/DC voltage sources for single or three-phase voltages, with high power and fast settling time.

Automatically regulated voltage sources are used in many different test environments to supply power to components, motors and devices. The sources can be used to reproduce system conditions allowing the components to be tested to their limits under realistic conditions.
EPOS CV voltage sources are designed to output single or three-phase AC/DC voltages especially for high power values. The voltage sources provide excellent quality and sophisticated, practical functions and are ideal for use in laboratory or manufacturing environments.

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Motor and Coil Test System for Circuit Breaker Testing

EPOS MC3 is a compact, portable motor and coil test system with a particularly powerful AC/DC source.

The stand-alone test system can be used to supply power to motors and release coils, captures the operating currents of spring-charging motors, pump motors and release coils and displays both the numerical results and the curve characteristics of the motor and coil currents on the screen.

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