SHERLOG CRT has been specially designed as a decentralized monitoring system and is primarily used when the measurement points to be monitored are physically remote from one another, as is the case in switching stations or transformer substations.

Installation requires no external components, such as voltage or current sensors, which would need extra mounting. The connection technology used is also geared towards simple, space-saving, low-cost installation, making the system ideal for use in protection cabinets, to mention just one example.


8 or 16 analog inputs:

  1. 8 channel device (4 x voltage, 4 x current)
  2. 16 channel device ( 8 x voltage, 8 x current)
  1. Voltage measuring range: 0-300 VAC
  2. Nominal current measuring range: 0-40 AAC
  3. Sample rate of the analog inputs 37.5 kHz
  4. 32 separate binary inputs (no common reference point)
  5. 4 relay outputs
  6. Full galvanic separation of all inputs up to 2,500 V
  7. Robust screw-type terminals for direct connection to protection transformers
  8. Connection of measurement signals via Combicon screw-type terminals
  9. Housing: 19“, 3 U
  1. Information about SHERLOG CX



A common software package is available for controlling and operating EPPE and SHERLOG systems alike. This modular software is highly flexible and can provide solutions for even very specialised measurement tasks.

The measuring systems of the EPPE product range can also be operated with basic software which is specially designed to meet the requirements of power quality measurement and is very simple to use. The EPPE basic software and the NRGCenter professional software both contain powerful tools for evaluation and analysis.

  1. information about NRGCenter