Power supply

Power supply units

The standard wide-range power supply unit allows flexible powering. It is also possible for the device to be equipped with various different DC power supply units.

Wide-range power supply unit:

  1. 85…265 VAC / 90…350 VDC

Optional DC power supply units:

  1. 9…18 VDC, 18…36 VDC, 36…72 VDC

Internal emergency power supply

The device is automatically supplied with power for a period of up to 8 seconds should there be a short-term interruption to the voltage supply.

The emergency power supply is completely maintenance-free!

It is not necessary for the battery of the EPPE CX to be replaced by the manufacturer as is often the case with similar systems after just one year.

External UPS

An external mini UPS can be used to reliably ensure an uninterrupted power supply. The compact DIN-rail-module is easy to install and can provide back-up even when power failures continue for a considerable length of time.