High-Precision Meter Test System

The meter test systems of the METES range can perform all manner of tests on electricity meters quickly, efficiently and extremely precisely. METES 340 REF is the new benchmark for on-site tests related to the installation or inspection of electricity meters. Automated test procedures can either be provided via a PC installed with ergonomically designed software or can be run by means of menus displayed on the built-in screen.

For the purpose of comprehensive analysis, the latest version of the METES software does not only measure meter accuracies but can also record signal shapes and other power quality values.


Meter Testing - METES 340 REF

Many manufacturers of electricity meters have turned to state-of-theart technologies to meet the growing demands placed on the performance and functionality of their products. It follows that the demands on equipment used to test electricity meters are no less exacting. METES 340 REF has been designed to meet these requirements.

System Description

METES 340 REF features three voltage inputs and three current inputs. The two current inputs for direct measurement have measuring ranges of 12 A and 120 A respectively. The inclusion of an additional input for the connection of error-compensated current clamps makes this test system suitable for a wide range of applications.

Configurable impulse inputs allow the connection of all commonly used scanning heads. Not only is it possible to select various different input voltages for these inputs, but the meter constant, energy type and impulse length can also be set individually. The same also holds true for the impulse output.

In addition to determining meter accuracy, METES 340 REF can also measure power quality. A multitude of other electrical quantities can be calculated and analysed on the basis of the measured values, including the full complement of power quantities, DC content and harmonics.

Easy to Operate

METES 340 REF can be operated either with a PC and the METES software or alternatively by means of a built-in control panel equipped with a high-resolution, resistive 3½“ touch screen and four function keys. The graphical user interface makes for easy, intuitive operation. All the settings required for a test are displayed clearly on the screen.

User-friendly Test Software

A PC or laptop computer can also be connected directly to METES 340 REF. As a result the device can also be operated and controlled via the powerful METES software for manual and automatic tests on electricity meters. Using the software it is easy to create an individual test plan for each test object which can then be run any number of times under identical test conditions. 

Test results can either be displayed in the form of fault curves or clearly structured value tables and can also be presented in individually configurable test reports.

Analog inputsVoltage3 x 480 VAC
Direct current3 x 12 AAC
3 x 120 AAC
Current clamps3
Accuracy classesMETES 340 REF (0.05)0.05%
METES 340 REF (0.02)0.02%
Impulse inputs6Input level up to 24 VDC, Power supply 12 VDC/24 VDC
Impulse outputs6Proportional to energy
Binary inputs4Trigger range 24...300 VDC
Binary outputs3Potential-free (dry) output relays
Time synchronisation(optional)Internal GPS receiver module
Operation Touch screen, membrane keypad with 4 function keys, PC
DisplayHigh-resolution, resistive 3½“ touch screen
CommunicationRS232, USB-A, USB-B, Ethernet (RJ 45)
Housing (WxHxD) [mm]470 x 162 x 31619", 3 HU

Subject to change without prior notice