EPPE W8 - Portable Power Quality Analyser

Device description

EPPE W8 is a compact power quality analyser of robust design which has been specially developed for use in harsh environmental conditions. The shock-resistant housing complies with IP65 and is therefore fully protected against dust and water jets. Comprehensive recording and monitoring functions enable power system parameters to be recorded, transferred to a PC and evaluated with the very highest precision. The device is able to work to various standards, including EN 61000-4-30, class A. EPPE W8 is delivered in a rugged carrying case which contains all the components needed to carry out measurements in compliance with valid standards. In addition to high-quality measuring leads and connectors, the equipment also includes the easy-to-operate software.


The measurement configuration is prepared in full on a PC before being transferred to the device via one of the communications interfaces. EPPE W8 can also be operated directly using 4 function keys. A clear LCD keeps users up to date with the most important measured values and the status of the device. This information can be used to check the correct connection of all signals before the start of a measurement.

Inputs and outputs

Analog inputs:

  1. 4 current und 4 voltage inputs
  2. Voltage measurement up to 500 V
  3. Current measurement with current probes

Binary inputs and outputs:

  1. 2 binary inputs
  2. 2 relay outputs

Communication and time synchronisation


EPPE W8 has the following communication interfaces:

  1. USB
  2. RS232

All interfaces are fully sealed in compliance with IP65 and are therefore protected against dirt and water.

Time synchronisation

EPPE W8 supports the following synchronisation methods:

  1. PC time
  2. GPS

Installation and evaluation


The device complies with IP65 and is therefore fully protected against dust and water. The shock-resistant housing allows unrestricted operation even in harsh environmental conditions.

Because of its compact size, EPPE W8 can easily be accommodated in a cabinet, for example, to secure it against unauthorized access. 


Recorded measurement data can be transferred to a PC at any time without interrupting the measurement in progress. The detailed analysis of the measured data is carried out with powerful software. A wide range of graphs and tables give a quick overview of the supply situation.

Scope of delivery

Standard scope of delivery:

  1. EPPE W8 measuring device with a shoulder strap and rugged carrying case
  2. Voltage measuring leads complete with connection clamps
  3. USB and RS232 cables
  4. Software for operation and evaluation


  1. Internal GPS receiver for time synchronisation
  2. Flexible current probes / passive current clamps
  3. Connection cable for binary inputs and outputs
  4. Professional software with extended functionality


A common software package is available for controlling and operating EPPE and SHERLOG systems alike. This modular software is highly flexible and can provide solutions for even very specialised measurement tasks.

The measuring systems of the EPPE product range can also be operated with basic software which is specially designed to meet the requirements of power quality measurement and is very simple to use. The EPPE basic software and the NRGCenter professional software both contain powerful tools for evaluation and analysis.

  1. EPPE Software for EPPE W8
  2. NRGCENTER Professional

Available software

EPPE series