Operating concept

Operation via touch screen

The device can be operated easily using the ergonomic touch screen. All functions and measured value displays can be selected directly from the main menu. All important measured values and status information can be seen at a glance. Alternatively, the device can also be operated with the aid of the function keys.

Limit value violations and fault records can be displayed and analysed directly on the screen of the EPPE PX, allowing on-site analysis at the measurement location without a PC.

Operation and management via PC

As well as using the touch screen, it is also possible to operate and configure EPPE PX with the ergonomic and easy-to-understand software for Windows® operating systems. The EPPE operating software also contains comprehensive analysis functions for the evaluation of the measurement data. Fully automated operation is also possible, including fault analysis, evaluation in accordance with selected standards (e.g. EN50160), report creation, export functions and message management.