Dual-processor system

EPPE PX features an integrated dual-processor system with two separate processors for the user interface and for the communications interfaces. This is the only way to ensure user-friendly operation, fast and reliable data transfer and easy integration into any network.

Transfer of parameters by USB flash drive

If neither a wired nor a wireless communication network is available, parameters can also be transferred directly using a USB flash drive. Saved measurement data can also be transferred quickly and easily to a USB flash drive without a direct communication connection.

Communication interfaces

The measuring system provides the following interfaces for integration in communication networks:

  1. Electric Ethernet
  2. USB (active/passive)
  3. Integrated web server
  4. GSM/GPRS modem
  5. UMTS router

Integrated web server

EPPE PX has an integrated web server which allows users to access relevant measurement data from any PC with any Internet browser. There is no need to install special software.

Data communication via UMTS router

As reliance on renewable energy sources grows, increasing numbers of power quality analysers are used in plants which do not have a wired communication network. Automatic data download using a mobile network via UMTS, for example, is recommended as an alternative to downloading data onto a USB flash drive.

This means that communication and data transfer are fully independent of any kind of wired infrastructure. What is more, even in rural areas and small towns it is possible to reach a high data transmission rate (of up to 100 Mbit/s) when downloading the measurement data. The UMTS router establishes an Internet connection and the data can be transferred easily and reliably to a central server (database) by means of a VPN tunnel.
The portable EPPE PX features separate connections to supply power to a UMTS router.

Data memory

The measurement data can be recorded safely and reliably in the internal flash memory and can be transferred quickly and conveniently to a PC. No measurement data is lost, even when there is an interruption to the power supply.