Multi-functional measurement technology for fully automatic power monitoring

EPPE CX is a powerful, multifunctional measuring instrument for panel mounting.

It can be installed at key points on all voltage levels and is used singly or in networked groups for area coverage. It delivers comprehensive, continuous and fully automatic power monitoring.

Various different types of signal inputs for voltages and currents as well as optional sensor inputs and outputs make the device extremely flexible to use. EPPE CX can be tailored to meet the individual needs and requirements of the user.

The following applications are given as examples of the wide range of different uses of the device:

  1. Power quality analysis
  2. Power quality monitoring
  3. Differential current measurement
  4. Fault analysis
  5. Measurement of harmonics
  6. Monitoring and analysis of renewable power systems
  7. Network optimization
  8. Load management
  9. Monitoring to EN 50160
  10. Fault location
  11. Trend recording
  12. Critical load monitoring
  13. Consumption measurements, e.g. for load optimization