Software modules for ACTAS 2.60

Software modules for ACTAS 2.60

Control & Automation

The Control & Automation software module includes a wide variety of monitoring and control functions for automated switchgear testing in a test, factory and on-site environment.

Various internal and external actuators and sources for the provision of configurable test conditions, such as coil system selection, coil or motor voltage or drive pressure, for example, can be controlled via analog and binary channels or logical interfaces. Ramp signal characteristics can be issued to test undervoltage and overcurrent releases. A number of other useful automatic functions for monitoring the operating counter (including an alarm function) and for isolation tests complete the package.

Control & Automation - Article No. #6131    

Extended Testing & Analysis

The Extended Testing & Analysis module provides extended test and analysis functions. These include the unsupervised execution and statistical evaluation of life tests. The module also features tools for testing and assessing special drive types such as pneumatic or magnet drives, for example. Advanced mathematical methods are also included, such as the calculation of virtual channels for power analyses and the assessment of recorded signal characteristics using reference character-istics in accordance with IEC 62271 or custom reference curves, for example.

Extended Testing & Analysis - Article No. #6132    


The Statistics software module contains functions for logging and carrying out statistical analyses of switchgear faults identified by the test system or tester.

A freely configurable input dialogue box makes it easy to enter and classify any kind of fault types or causes. Entries are all made in a separate database and can be subjected to statistical analysis in accordance with various criteria. Another excellent feature is the attractive presentation of the evaluation in both text and graphical form. 

Accumulations of faults in particular areas can be detected, making it possible to draw conclusions as to the constructional or functional weak points of specific types of switchgear.


Statistics - Article No. #6133

Data Interfaces

The Data Interfaces software module offers various interfaces for the import and export of measurement data, test results and test object data.

Using this module, records can be exported to text files and then processed further in external programmes, such as MS Excel. 

Test results and test object data can be exported to MS Access databases for statistical purposes. In addition to data export, this software module also enables measurement data to be imported from various external systems for analysis in ACTAS. Connection to external database systems, such as SAP, is also possible via structured XML files, for the automatic generation of test jobs, for example.


Data Interfaces - Article No. #6130

Extended Data Management

The Extended Data Management software module provides extended possibilities for handling test data and results, particularly when using ACTAS in a stationary, network-supported environment. Test data can be compressed and archived automatically.


Extended Data Management - Article No. #6134