KoCoS in Germany

KoCoS in Germany

KoCoS Messtechnik AG

KoCoS Messtechnik AG is a leading manufacturer of measuring and test systems for use in the field of industrial and public electricity supply networks. High performance, easy operation, user-centric flexibility and excellent quality are key features of all KoCoS products.

KoCoS Engineering GmbH

KoCoS Engineering GmbH provides a comprehensive range of services for optimising the cost efficiency and quality of supply of electricity supply systems. Our motto "All-round services for the power industry" says it all: we put recognized experts at your disposal to deliver one-stop, powerful solutions covering design checking, engineering, project management, commissioning and maintenance for electrical installations.

KoCoS Optical Measurement GmbH

KoCoS Optical Measurement GmbH develops laser optical measuring systems which are used in a number of sectors, including the automotive and semiconductor industries, to automatically measure the contours and verify the geometrical parameters of a wide range of components which vary greatly in size, shape and surface condition.

KoCoS Automation GmbH

KoCoS Automation GmbH develops and manufactures automation solutions which are suitable for clean room environments and set the international benchmark for geometrical quality inspection on the shop floor. They can be used to identify, transport and position highly sensitive semi-conductor wafers. KoCoS handling systems are also rated highly in the food industry.

KoCoS audentec GmbH

Test systems developed by KoCoS audentec GmbH are used throughout the world to inspect vacuum packaging. A wide range of containers, including bottles, jars and cans, can be monitored in-line during the production process. Non-contact inspection identifies defective containers for automatic rejection.