Since founding our first subsidiary in Johannesburg, South Africa, the KoCoS family has grown steadily by adding new branch offices in new locations. We currently have 12 international subsidiaries and the continued development of this network has a high priority for KoCoS.

When we speak of "close cooperation with our customers" we really mean what we say - we are moving closer to our customers in the very truest sense of the word. Thanks to our network of branch offices we are always close at hand, our customers can reach us quickly and there is no need for them travel far or concern themselves with time differences. Service and support can be provided without delay as the prompt supply of spare parts is also managed by our subsidiaries.

Close contact with our customers helps us develop long-term partnerships and enables us to engage in direct dialogue with them in order to produce effective solutions. Neither language nor cultural barriers get in the way, as our employees not only have the necessary technical knowledge but also a good feeling for the mentality of the country concerned. We  really understand our customers.

As well as providing our customers with excellent support and advice, our subsidiaries also offer expert assistance to our independent partners. The considerable know-how of our specialists which reflects the technical virtuosity of our products is passed on to our representatives and distributors. Together they guarantee that our customers all over the world receive first class service wherever they are.