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EPOS - Power sources

AC/DC sources for powering and testing motors and release coils of switchgear devices as well as electronic three-phase signal generators for generating any waveform.
The universal current and voltage sources of the EPOS series come into their own whenever maximum power and high signal accuracy are required, making them the perfect choice when testing, setting and calibrating electricity meters, protection relays, fault recorders, power meters or power quality analysers.

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EPOS 360

The multi-functional three-phase signal generator

EPOS 360 is the multi-functional three-phase generator which comes into its own whenever maximum power and high signal accuracy are required.
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Single and three-phase voltage sources

Automatically regulated AC/DC voltage sources for single or three-phase voltages, with high power and fast settling time.
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Read about EPOS and its applications in interesting and entertaining articles and lots of background information.

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Your Benefits

KoCoS customers convinced:


Powerful voltage and current sources in different power classes and designs.

Simple and intuitive operation through high-resolution touchscreen with SmartTouch technology

Super easy integration: Interfaces to external control in test benches via programming interface.

Safe operation: short-circuit proof and protected against overload conditions.


Efficient: Designed for sustained output. EPOS sources do not require recovery time and save working time.

100% Made in Germany!


Very reliable operation due to powerful components.

Output of various signal forms from DC up to the kHz range. Class!


Signal Generator EPOS 360

The multi-functional three-phase signal generator!
EPOS 360 is the multi-functional three-phase generator which comes into its own whenever maximum power and high signal accuracy are required. Intelligent amplifier technology and fully synthetic signal generation make it possible to issue any signal shape across a wide frequency range or even to play back complex transient signal characteristics.

EPOS 360 is designed for use as a stand-alone device or for operation with an external PC.

Electronic Power Sources
High-precision current and voltage sources are becoming more and more important in many areas of electrical engineering and especially in measuring and testing technology.

EPOS 360 is used wherever absolutely precise signals with a very low distortion factor, freely selectable signal forms and high power are required. EPOS 360 is therefore suitable for use in the testing, setting and calibration of power and power quality measuring instruments, disturbance recorders and electricity meters, among other things.

Output of COMTRADE records & generation of any signal characteristic
The TRANSIG-monitor included in the scope of delivery can be used for the full graphical display and output of recorded signal characteristics which are available in standard COMTRADE format.

During tests these signal characteristics are then “played back“ as transient signal waveforms by EPOS.

The TRANSIG-monitor also includes a signal editor which can be used to configure and calculate any signal characteristic. The signal characteristics can be generated from a basic function, such as a sine wave, with one or more superimposed functions, such as a direct component, exponential functions, harmonics, etc.

Programming interface
EPOS 360 also features a simple programming interface for special requirements, e.g. for use with test stands. This programming interface can be used in environments which support COM/ActiveX or in .NET environments.

The integrated operator interface
The internal operator interface is a special feature. Its highresolution 5“ touch screen with smart touch technology enables many signals can be output quickly and easily without having to connect an external PC.

The clear user interface guides the user intuitively to complete the task in hand. User actions carried out with the ergonomic jog wheel, such as amplitude, phase angle or frequency adjustments, are processed in real time and executed without delay.

An illuminated ring integrated in the jog wheel also provides information about current system status during settings and output. The states and operating modes of the inputs and outputs of the EPOS 360 are signaled via numerous LEDs in the control panel.

A quick glance is enough to see which outputs are active and which states are present at the binary inputs and outputs.

Precision measurement technology in different packaging
As standard, the EPOS 360 is built into a 19" rackmount housing. An optionally available portable housing makes the versatile signal generator suitable for stationary use in test benches, but also in the laboratory or for demanding outdoor applications.

System concept
EPOS 360 features four voltage signal sources and three current signal sources. The signal characteristics are computed by a highperformance signal processor and output via highaccuracy D/A converters and electronic power amplifiers.

The parameters amplitude, phase angle and frequency are separately and independently adjustable, as well as overload and short-circuit protected and can be varied over a wide range during output.

Signal sources

  1. 4 independent voltage channels up to 300 V
  2. 3 independent current channels up to 16 A
  3. Synthetic signal generation
  4. Wide frequency range
  5. Freely selectable signal shapes
  6. Play-back of transient signal characteristics
  7. High accuracy
  8. Very low THD
  9. Separate auxiliary power supply


Voltage Sources EPOS CV

EPOS CV 821 / CV 831 / CV 753

Single and three-phase voltage sources
Automatically regulated AC/DC voltage sources for single or three-phase voltages, with high power and fast settling time.

  1. For powering resistive, inductive or capacitive loads
  2. For testing components, motors and devices
  3. Wide power range and precise control response
  4. Reliable operation thanks to high-performance components
  5. Infinitely adjustable output voltage under load
  6. Integrated control panel for stand-alone operation
  7. Provides high starting currents and operating currents
  8. Short-circuit proof and protected against overload conditions
  9. High operational reliability and availability
  10. Ethernet interface for external control in test stands and for connection with ACTAS C switchgear test systems

Automatically regulated voltage sources are used in many different test environments to supply power to components, motors and devices. The sources can be used to reproduce system conditions allowing the components to be tested to their limits under realistic conditions.

EPOS CV voltage sources are designed to output single or three-phase AC/DC voltages especially for high power values. The voltage sources provide excellent quality and sophisticated, practical functions and are ideal for use in laboratory or manufacturing environments.



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Technical Paper / Application Report

Technical Paper
Three-phase signal generator for precise power network simulations
2 MB

Technical paper
Testing and assessing the motors and release coils of switchgear
459 KB

Application report
Signal generator EPOS 360 - A laboratory for power quality
4 MB


EPOS blog posts
Blog posts with interesting and practical background information about EPOS Power Sources. Here you can also find answers to practical questions about specific topics about measurement and test technology and their application.

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