METES software

METES software

Easy to Operate

The meter test systems of the METES range are controlled with user-friendly software. The modular software package has been specially developed for the purpose of  meter testing by engineers with a wealth of practical experience in the field. The operation of the programme has been designed with the practical requirements of users in mind. All the parameters which are of decisive importance for the test procedure can be defined in the parameterization software included as standard. The flexible, user-friendly concept behind the METES test systems helps you accomplish just about any test task imaginable. Thanks to the well structured and ergonomic design of the user interface, the software can be operated intuitively and is easy to learn, minimizing the time it takes to become familiar with your test system.

Device Management

All the test parameters are defined automatically when a test object is selected from the database. The flexible data management system stores the specific parameters of all the meters in a network or all the meters produced by a manufacturer, including the data required for maintenance management. The data is displayed in a hierarchical structure which is similar to a directory tree. This structure provides fast, targeted access to the devices required and their respective test data.

Thanks to its flexible structure, the layout of the database can easily be tailored to meet the different requirements of power supply companies, meter manufacturers and engineering consultants.

Data Processing

All parameters, measurement values and results are managed either locally or on a central network server in an open and flexible data structure. The data can be organized according to different principles which can vary in line with individual requirements. Sorting by location or by the device type of the test object is possible, for example.

The results of tests which have been carried out previously are also saved in the database, making them available for reproduction or comparison at any time.

Because the results of each individual test are stored device-specifically, the entire operating life of a test object is documented in comprehensive detail.