System solutions for in-process wafer inspection

System solutions for in-process wafer inspection

Know-how gained through years of experience

WATOM solutions for the in-process inspection of wafers comply with the most stringent of international manufacturing standards. They are developed on the basis of extensive know-how and many years of experience. In close contact with the semiconductor industry, KoCoS has made a significant contribution to the international test standard for wafer edge geometry.

Calibration in accordance with international standards

Quality management systems require measuring systems to be calibrated at regular intervals. WATOM can be calibrated quickly and easily. KoCoS uses calibration standards certified in accordance with international standards as well as reference wafers widely used in the industry. The use of just one calibration piece guarantees clear-cut results and minimizes the probability of calibration errors. The calibration parameters are adjusted automatically in the control software.

Low operating costs, high availability

The consistent use of highly reliable components ensures a long operational life with low failure rates and modest operating costs. However, should a defect occur, all the components are easy to replace ensuring high availability.

In-process inspection with WATOM

In order to fulfil the requirements of the wafer industry, in-process inspection using appropriate test systems is a must. WATOM systems provide the very best possibilities for comprehensive testing and analysis.

Edge rounding, notch shape and diameter variance

Wafer edge rounding and its inspection have a major role to play in ensuring reliable handling throughout hundreds of production processes. In order to achieve nanometer accuracy when processing wafers, the wafer edge, notch shape and diameter variance for the whole circumference must comply with exacting specifications.

Coating and thinning processes

The manufacturing processes for various different semiconductors place further demands on wafer geometry. The rounding of the edges must be adjusted in line with the coating processes to ensure uniform coating even in the edge zone.
WATOM systems also offer optimum prerequisites for monitoring and optimising thinning processes (CMP - Chemical Mechanical Planarisation), edge trimming and related processes.