Optical sensor

The optical sensor

Multi-functional and versatile

Equipped with an optical sensor, INDEC can be used for closures made of any material, including composite or plastic lids and twist-off lug closures made of metal.
All common closures can be measured with one and the same sensor head.

Large working distance for reliable operation

The large measuring distance of over 100 mm rules out collisions between the sensor head and containers. Variations in the dimensions of the containers, misalignment of containers and vibrations of the conveyor are fully tolerated.

No problems with moisture

Unlike other optical measuring methods, the optical INDEC sensor head is unaffected by the presence of moisture or fully formed water droplets.
Furthermore, all housings are made of stainless steel and comply with IP69K in accordance with the principles of hygienic design. This ensures that there can be no ingress of moisture even when pressure washers are used.

Fast and easy format changeover

Not only does the optical sensor reach high test speeds, it also has the major advantage of providing easy handling, especially for frequent format changeovers.
Because of the large measuring distance, it is not necessary to adjust the sensor head manually for format changeovers involving containers of varying heights. The system can be set up at just a touch of a button using saved parameters sets.

Automatic parameterization with teach-in function

To be able to react quickly to process events, it must be possible to change parameters easily and reliably.
The optical sensor head features a user-friendly, time-saving teach-in function. The operator is guided step-by-step through the interactive teach-in process with graphical support. The container-specific test parameters and operating data are generated automatically. The operator prompting is so easy to follow that even inexperienced users can use the teach-in function.